solid Heavy timber & cLT panels

heavy timber & mass timber

Construction utilizing new and existing structural wood products has accelerated in popularity across Texas and the rest of the United States. R.M. Rodgers has the experience and expertise to help you navigate your heavy timber or mass timber project. Along with our laminated wood and decking options, we offer beautiful solid sawn timber for use as beams, columns, trusses and more. Additionally, R.M. Rodgers offers engineered cross laminated timber (CLT) panels for use in mass timber construction.

Solid Sawn Timber

Solid sawn timber is timber cut from an individual log as opposed to the multiple laminations of other engineered wood products. This solid wood product offers a unqiue and commanding style and beauty that is only achievable with it’s use. This classic look and cost effectiveness are the primary reasons to consider solid wood timber for your project versus laminated timber. Frequently, a project will utilize both products to maximize their strengths and effectiveness.


Solid sawn timber is available in multiple species, finishes and textures to provide the exact custom look your project demands. Additionally three stress grades : Select Structural, No. 1 and No. 2 are available as well when using these solid sawn timber as a structural member. R.M. Rodgers is available to help you identify and select the right specifications for your project to achieve beautiful results.

cross laminated timber

Cross laminated timber (CLT) is an engineered laminated wood product made up of several layers of kiln-dried boards stacked in alternating directions. These boards or laminations are pressed together using a waterproof structural glue to form rectangular panels. Multiple options exist for panel thickness and size to meet your project and structural requirements.


Common applications for CLT panels includes floors, walls and roofing. These panels serve as load bearing structural elements. CLT can be found in mass timber construction or hybrid systems, combined with steel and concrete. CLT panels come pre-fabricated, greatly accelerating construction timelines when fully optimized.

solid Heavy Timber and CLT Panels

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