solid Sawn timbers

Solid Wood Timbers

Solid sawn timber is timber cut from an individual log as opposed to engineered wood products made of multiple laminations. This offers a commanding style and beauty that is only achievable with solid wood. When strength and timeless looks are paramount to your project, solid timber can not be beat.

Lock-Deck Laminated Wood Decking
Lock-Deck Laminated Decking

One-of-a-kind results with solid timber

Solid sawn timber is available in multiple species, finishes, and textures to provide the exact custom look your project demands. Multiple grades are available, including Select Structural and No. 1 & No. 2, to give you the best in appearance and strength. 

Solid timbers are ideal for multiple application types as beams, columns, trusses and custom members. Frequently, a project will utilize solid timbers in conjunction with engineered wood products to achieve world-class results. 

Texas Expert in Solid Timber

R.M. Rodgers has been providing solid timbers to the state of Texas since 1963. Multiple types including beams, columns, trusses and arches are available to elevate your next project with the beauty and strength of natural wood. 

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